Android Things

Android Things

Build connected devices for a wide variety of consumer, retail, and industrial applications


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The ease and power of Android

如 Android 一样,简单而强大

If you can build an app, you can build a device

您只要能开发 Android 应用,就同样可以构建智能设备

The Android ecosystem

Android 开发技术生态系统支撑

Leverage existing Android development tools, APIs, resources, and a thriving developer community.


New APIs for IoT devices


Develop with new Android framework APIs that provide low level I/O and libraries for common components like temperature sensors, display controllers, and more.

新的 Android 框架为您提供了常用组件的底层输入输出接口和开发库,如温度传感器、显示控制器等。

Trusted security


Take advantage of regular best-in-class security updates by building on top of the Android OS.

得益于 Android 系统的安全更新机制,您可以更安心开发您的应用程序。

Rapid prototypes to real products


Anyone, from startups to large companies, can build commercial products at scale


Turnkey hardware solutions


Our certified development boards include the System on Chip (SoC), RAM, wireless radios, and more to get you started quickly.


Low barrier to entry


Start prototyping immediately with supported boards and a developer build of Android Things. There's no need for kernel, firmware, or board development.

Android Things 系统为开发者提供便利,您可以在通过认证的开发板上立刻开始构建您的产品,而不需要硬件编程基础。

Build products at scale


Shipping products is easy because our prototype boards are commercial grade. The same boards can be easily customized by your prototype supplier to fit your specific form-factor and other needs, all while running the same software.

得益于在在商业级认证的开发板做开发,您的构建会很容易变成真正的产品。代工厂可以很方便的帮您对同样的电路板进行定制, 满足您对外观和其他的需求。

To learn more about the hardware program, see our Hardware Platform Overview.

了解更多与硬件有关的信息,请参阅:Hardware Platform Overview

The power of Google at your fingertips


Build and manage millions of devices at Google’s scale


Google APIs and services

Google 的应用程序接口和服务

Leverage a wide range of Google services, including Google Play services.

使用 Google Play Services 调用各种谷歌服务(可在后台设置,非必选)

System updates and support


We provide the system image, updates, fixes, and more, so you can focus on creating compelling products.


Large scale infrastructure


Push Google-provided OS updates and your own app updates, using the same OTA infrastructure we use for our own products.

可借助与 Google 产品里 OTA 更新相同的大型基础设施架构,用于您构建的产品的系统和应用更新。

Android Things Developer Preview

Android Things 开发者预览版

Get started now with the Developer Preview, so you can start designing and developing your own products. We will be providing regular updates with new features, and a long-term support release for commercialization in the coming months.

开启 Android Things 开发者预览版,您可以从现在开始设想和构建您的产品,我们将定期提供新功能的更新,并在接下来的时间里提供商业级别的长期支持(LTS)版本。

Get the Developer Preview


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