About the Android Things Console

关于 Android Things Console

The Android Things Console provides tools to install and update the system image on supported hardware devices.

Android Things 管理中心为所支持的设备提供了安装和系统镜像更新的工具。

Using the console, developers and device makers can:


  • Download and install the latest Android Things system image

  • 下载并安装最新的 Android Things 系统镜像

  • Build factory images that contain OEM applications along with the system image

  • 生成包含 OEM 应用程序的出厂镜像

  • Push over-the-air (OTA) updates, including OEM applications and the system image, to devices

  • 向设备推送无线 (OTA) 更新,包括 OEM 应用程序和系统镜像的更新

To get started, create a new product.


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