Create a Bundle

创建一个 Bundle

Bundles are saved to the OEM partition on the device.

Bundle 保存在设备的 OEM 分区中。

A bundle is a zip file that contains the following:

Bundle 是一个 zip 文件,里面包括:

  • bootanimation.zipBoot animation located in the root directory
  • <var><user-space driver></var>.apk—User-space driver as a service (action=BOOT_COMPLETED)
  • <var><main></var>.apk— (Required) The apk for the main entry point (action=MAIN, category=IOT_LAUNCHER)
  • <var><sub></var>.apk—One of any number of apks that is launched by the main apk
  • — 位于根目录的 启动动画
  • <var><user-space driver></var>.apk— 作为服务 (action=BOOT_COMPLETED) 的用户级驱动
  • <var><main></var>.apk — (必须包含)主入口 apk 文件 (action=MAIN, category=IOT_LAUNCHER)
  • <var><sub></var>.apk — 由主 apk 启动的若干 apk 文件

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