Update Builds for an Android Things Product

Android Things 产品镜像的升级

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  1. Push a build


  2. View push history


The OTA UPDATES tab in the Android Things Console allows you to view and push over-the-air updates to devices.

Android Things 管理中心OTA UPDATES 标签页中,您可以为设备推送无线更新,并查看历史记录。

Push a build


To push a build for your product:


  1. If you are not already on this tab, open the Android Things Console, click a product for which you previously created a device build, and click the OTA UPDATES tab.

    如果您还没有处在本标签,请先打开 Android Things 管理中心,点击您之前已准备好构建文件的产品项,然后点击 OTA UPDATES 标签。


  1. In the Bundles table, select an existing bundle or click UPLOAD to upload a new one. Note that empty bundles are not supported for OTA updates.

    Bundles 表格中,选中一个已有的 Bundle 或者点击 UPLOAD 上传一个新的 Bundle 。请注意,空 Bundle 不支持无线更新。

    Update a build

  2. In the Android Things versions table, select an OS version.

在 **Android Things versions** 表格中,选择操作系统版本。

Note: You cannot select an OS version that is earlier than one selected for a previous update (for example, trying to select OS version 0.4.1 after pushing an update containing OS version 0.5).

注意: 您所选择的操作系统版本不能低于您之前进行推送时的系统版本(比如,在此之前您选择过为版本号为 0.5 的操作系统进行了推送,这次更新试图选择版本号为 0.4.1的操作系统)。

  1. Click PUSH UPDATE. Verify that the information is correct.

    点击 PUSH UPDATE,并确认信息无误。

  2. Click PUSH. The build will be pushed to all devices; it can take several hours for all devices to be updated. You can view the build status, including the number of devices that have been updated, in the Current build table.

点击 **PUSH**。该构建文件会被推送到所有的设备上,更新所有设备一般需要几个小时的时间。您可以在 **Current build** 表格查看构建文件的详情,包括已更新的设备数量等。

![View current

View current

How build updates work


The following sequence describes the update process:


  1. After you push an update, the new version becomes ready for download.


  2. update_engine is the part of the operating system that looks for updates. It checks for new versions every 5 hours.

    update_engine 是操作系统的一部分,用于检查更新。它每隔5个小时检查一次新版本。

  3. The device downloads the update and installs it to one of the A/B partitions.

    设备下载该更新并安装到 A/B 分区之一。

  4. update_engine signals that the device is ready for a reboot.

    update_engine 发出信号,表示设备可以重新启动。

  5. The device reboots to the new version.


Note: Currently, you must trigger the reboot on the device. Run adb shell followed by reboot.

注意: 现阶段,您需要手动重新启动设备,执行 adb shell 命令,紧接着执行 reboot 命令。

OTA updates for OEM apps are ignored if apps are sideloaded. When the device is rebooting, the operating system checks if a main apk (with action=MAIN, category=IOT_LAUNCHER) exists in the user data partition. If one exists, the device runs this apk. If one does not exist, the system checks for an apk in the OEM partition.

如果 OEM 应用通过线刷刷入,无线更新时会被忽略掉。当设备更新重启时,操作系统会在数据分区检查是否有主 apk (带有 action=MAIN, category=IOT_LAUNCHER 的apk)存在。如果存在,设备会运行该 apk。如果不存在,操作系统会在 OEM 分区检查 apk 文件。

To make sure the device uses the updated apk, remove a sideloaded apk with adb uninstall <var>package_name</var> and reboot the device.

为了确保设备使用的是更新过的 apk,请将线刷的 apk 通过 adb uninstall package_name 命令移除,并重启设备。

OS updates are not ignored.


View push history


You can view all builds that have been pushed. These builds are no longer active.


View push

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