Bringing Device Production to Everyone


Android Things lets you build professional, mass-market products on a trusted platform, without previous knowledge of embedded system design.

Android Things 能让您在没有嵌入式系统设计的预备知识的情况下,通过可信任的平台开发出专业的,服务大众市场的产品。

Turnkey Hardware Solutions


We work with SoC partners to build Android Things certified development boards that contain SoMs (System-on-Modules) to get you developing fast.

我们和 SoC 合作伙伴一起推出通过 Android Things 认证的 SoMs(System-on-Modules系统级模块)开发板加快您的开发速度。

Integrated Parts


SoMs integrate the SoC, RAM, Flash Storage, WiFi, Bluetooth and other components onto a single board and come with all of the necessary FCC certifications. You can optimize your board design by flattening existing modules onto a PCB to save costs and space.

SoMs 集成了 SoC、RAM、Flash存储、WiFi、蓝牙和其它的组件到一块开发板上,所有元件通过了必要的 FCC(美国联邦通讯委员会)认证。您可以通过扁平化现有的模块到 PCB 板的方式来优化您的板级设计,从而节省成本和空间。

Google BSP

Google 提供的板级支持包

The Board Support Package (BSP) is managed by Google. This gives you a trusted platform to develop on with standard updates and fixes from Google.

板级支持包(BSP)由 Google 负责管理,提供给您一个可靠的平台供您开发,并且 Google 还将一直提供标准持续更新及程序修复。

Differentiated hardware


Our partners provide development boards with different SoMs and form factors to suit your needs, giving you choice and flexibility.

我们的合作伙伴提供不同的 SoMs 的开发板来适配您的需求,给予您灵活的选择和极大的自主权。

See Developer Kits for a list of supported development boards and starter kits.

打开 开发套件 查看支持的开发板和入门套件列表。

Low Barrier to Entry


Take advantage of Google's platform and support to scale from prototypes to complete products quickly.

利用 Google 的平台和支持,可以快速完成从原型样品到完整产品的开发。

Get started quickly


Building devices is now within reach for everyone, even if you've never designed embedded systems. We provide a turnkey hardware solution and an easy-to-use software development platform, based on Android Studio and the Android SDK.

即使没有设计过嵌入式系统,每个人都能轻而易举地开发设备。这是因为我们提供了一站式硬件解决方案和基于 Android Studio 和 Android SDK 的软件开发平台,这些能帮助您轻松完成嵌入式产品设计和开发。

Managed costs


Android Things reduces the large upfront development costs and risks inherent in getting your idea off the ground. When you're ready to ship large quantities of devices, your costs scale linearly. In addition, ongoing engineering and testing costs are reduced by Google-provided updates.

Android Things 减少了从想法到实施过程中研发费用和风险。当您布署大量设备时,您的成本是线性增长的,尤其要注意成本风险。此外,Google 提供的更新会降低开发过程中随之而来的工程和测试成本。

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