Joule I/O

Joule I/O

This section describes the Peripheral I/O interfaces available to your apps running on the Intel® Joule™ 570x Developer Kit.

本节描述的是 Intel® Joule™ 570x Developer Kit 对应用程序开放的 外设 I/O 接口。

The following pinout diagram illustrates the locations of the available ports exposed by the breakout connectors of this board:



In addition to the breakout pins, the Joule kit has six on-board LEDs:

除了扩展引脚,Joule 开发套件还有六个板载 LED :

Signal Name Silkscreen Marking Location
`J6_25` GP100 Breakout Board
`J6_32` GP101 Breakout Board
`J6_27` GP102 Breakout Board
`J6_34` GP103 Breakout Board
`LEDWIFI` N/A Joule Module
`LEDBT` N/A Joule Module

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