Building Your First Device

构建您的第一个 Android Things 设备



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Welcome to Android Things development!

欢迎加入 Android Things 开发活动!

This class teaches you how to build your first app for Android Things. You will learn how to create an activity that launches automatically on boot and is optimized for a "headless" experience. You will also learn the fundamentals of communicating with hardware peripherals from within your app.

这一章内容将告诉您,怎样基于 Android Things 去构建您的第一个应用。您将学到怎样去创建一个在启动时自行加载且优化良好的 activity 。同时您也将学习一些关于如何从应用内与硬件进行通信的相关基础知识。

Before you start this class, download and install Android Studio and the system image for your development board.

在您开始阅读这一部分内容之前,请确保您已经下载并安装 Android Studio,同时也请确保您已经在您的开发板上下载并安装了 系统镜像

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